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Next project, Lava Lamp Bong.

I am so happy I found this forum! I have a plethora of homemade pipes, bongs, and other paraphernalia. I will post one every now and then, but for the start.....

I made this about 2 weeks ago.

It's easy to conceal, and my parents searched my room and passed right over it since it was sitting in a bin with a load of other random shit.

unfortunately, the actual base of the flashlight was plastic, and it had to large of a hole in the bottom. So, I pulled it apart and wrapped it in tinfoil. I know, not the best choice but it works.

Then i ripped the insides out, and I sawed off the bottom with a pocket knife. I then pulled off the switch, and again, ripped out the inside of the button. It is now my choke.

PLUS! the inside of the flashlight is very smooth, making it an easy scraping. I haven't tried it yet, I have only smoked about 20 bowls out of it.  With the inside of the tube being so slick, it takes a while to gather, and it's easier to gather resin, when there is already resin within the pipe.

I was so excited to find this place, and I will continue to post homemade pipes and whatnot as often as possible.

So, I'm sorry I've been a bad mod & whatever, & I actually haven't made much but here's some stuff i did a little while ago...I hope I haven't already posted them...

NEhow, I'd like to put a MONTHLY THEME so you can have no reason not to post pics...
This Month's Theme is : YOUR CHILL ROOM!
- Where do you go to "relax?" I'm sure you've decorated it at least a little bit...or even if it's outside or your car- it has to be pretty cool for you to choose it, right?

& you should always post pics of all the other cool stuff you make!

so, here are my crappy pics- I'll post better ones of the room later...we were in wonderland when we took them...
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Lighters are the perfect stoner craft for me ... perfect for short attention span, minimal cleanup, and fully finctional for smoking ...


and the other side ...

winner of the piece contest

this was voted on by my smoking buddies...all other contests will be voted on by you all. but we didnt get enough submissions, so they like this one best.

contest winner
Make custom Glitter Images

this will be posted up on the info page

next contest is going to be for piece bags, i think... I'll make another post about that later.

peace out kids!


lazy stoners?

but common guys, one person posted a homemade piece.
should i extend the contest or are you guys not interested? (which is cool)

Disco chick!

This is not a result of a single sesh. I made this picture over a period of about three months and who knows how many tokes. It started out as a sketch on PS 7 then I printed it out then my bf glued it onto a black piece of paper and next I am going to turn it into a magnet.

I love smoking and coming up with nifty color schemes.

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What is this?
What is this?

homemade piece contest

im uploading this for a friend w/o lj, who wishes to be part of the contest

p.s. its almost the end of the month, if you have a home made piece, post it!

Cyclops's Home

I made this case to match our favorite pipe, Cyclops. Splattered the fabric, made the case, embroidered his name, and embroidered the applique. It's a little grubby and lumpy 'cause I made it a looong time ago and am afraid to wash it since the blood isn't paint ... it's theatrical blood. 
I used satin stitch on the pupil and iris, and backstitch for the blood.

And yes. It's assed.


Holy hell.
I'm in love with this community idea.
You might have seen these pictures on Craftgrrl, but they are pretty anal...

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